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1-2-1 Face Yoga Consultation – 1 hour £35

This is a personalised 1 hour face yoga session tailored especially to you and your particular needs. We will work with you on issues you want to improve and give you specific targeted tools and techniques which you can take away and practice at your own leisure.

Session includes..

  • Initial consultation feedback (this is done via a form beforehand)
  • Neck & shoulder relaxation
  • Specific targeted techniques and information on problem areas
  • Wellbeing information and advice
  • Time for any questions you may have

Do you want to treat a friend or loved one for their birthday? This is the perfect present of self care. Gift vouchers are available for this session

Contact kindfulmind for more information and bookings.

‘Love Yourselfie’ Monthly Face Yoga Group (zoom session)

Immerse yourself in this self-care session focused on un-winding the mind, bringing mindful awareness to any stress held in the face, neck and shoulders, working to soften and tone the face, and fully relax the body with a mindful body scan.

This session will include the Danielle Collins (world leading face yoga expert) upper and lower face workout, as well as techniques to relax the face and boost circulation, including face massage, lymphatic drainage and acupressure points.

Face yoga has been proven to help with issues such a sinus problems, bruxism, tension headaches and insomnia. It can also reduce tension and stress from the face, strengthen eye function and correct poor posture. Benefits to the face if practised regularly include; boosting of collagen and oxygen to the skin, clearer skin tone, less puffiness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, firms and tightens the skin.

Mindful meditation can bring an awareness to where we hold stress and tension, and through this practice, we can learn to observe and start to free ourselves from stressful thoughts and associated physical held tension.

Event details

The session will last around 40-45mins and will consist of: a grounding breath practice, neck and shoulder exercises, upper and lower facial workout, acupressure points, extra techniques for 'problem areas', and an opportunity to ask questions.

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“Face Yoga classes with Ellie are totally wonderful. It is a full hour of ‘me’ time with no yoga mat needed – just a comfortable chair and some lovely smelling face oil. Ellie gently talks us through each exercise and I literally feel all of the tension in my face and neck fall away. Best of all – I always sleep brilliantly well after a face yoga session.”

"I had no idea facial yoga existed and didn’t know what to expect but after my first session I became completely hooked. Ellie is fabulous, really knowledgeable and in each session I have learnt something as well as experienced a positive difference to my overall well-being, not just my face. I can highly recommend giving it a go, it is such a lovely experience."