"The breathing practices are really easy to pick up and easy to do anywhere"

"It has given me time to chill and relax, and makes me realise that it's not about clearing thoughts, it's about observing them"

"When you mentioned about the sea and how it is at the bottom, it is calm, and that can be like your mind"

“When I’m upset, angry or need some alone time, I can go and practice it to calm me down”

“I enjoyed the mindful movements and chocolate eating!”

“I can recognise difficult emotions and can use my breath as an anchor when I have difficult problems and emotions”

“It has made me more aware of my emotions, and I can understand when I’m being controlled by them”

“I can become more productive and lead a happier life when I can co-exist well with my emotions”

“You can observe your emotions without being swept away by them”

“I have enjoyed the meditations and feeling relaxed after them”

“I have more of an understanding of what mindfulness is because I know how to anchor myself to my breathing and knowing what I’m feeling”