Kindfulmind offers a range of packages for Primary schools. Please contact us to discuss bespoke content to meet your specific requirements

primary programmes

The Youth Mindfulness 8 week Programme

This 8 week program can be taught as 16 individual lessons twice a week or a longer session once a week for 8 weeks, for Primary KS2, ages 7 upwards. There are 8 main stages covered by the training course – Intention, Attention, Attitude, Gratitude, Resilience, Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others and Purpose. This is an experiential course; students will watch video’s, try out different exercises and games, and begin to create mindful awareness through their own mindfulness practices.

The cost of an 8 week course is £580 for a full class

(2 x 45 min lessons a week or one 90 min session per week)

"Mindfulness has made me more aware of my emotions and I can understand when I’m being controlled by them”

Bespoke Workshops for Year 6

Prices depend on duration of workshop / number of young people

Workshops can take place within the school day, or after school.

Mindfulness, EFT & relaxation techniques for SAT’s tests

  • This workshop addresses techniques for helping specifically with test anxiety and worry.
  • We explore different breathing practices to practice
  • Top-tips to help with worry
  • Learn a useful tapping technique (EFT)
  • Practice positive meditation
  • Come up with intentions, and write these out (craft activity)

Mindfulness for anxiety – transitions project

  • We discuss worries and concerns relating to going to secondary school
  • Discuss what we could do in each situation
  • How mindfulness can help us to be less anxious
  • EFT tapping for specific worries Intentions for starting school / craft activity