Disengaged and excluded pupils

Many studies have shown that the use of mindfulness instead of detention or exclusion, has had a beneficial impact on students. Students report feeling calmer, more focused and able to handle their emotions better, after taking part in mindfulness projects.

Kindfulmind can be booked for school detention time or to visit Pupil Referral Units.

The Youth mindfulness SOMA programme would suit those with additional needs such as ADHD, also students in pupil referral units or those identified as needing additional intervention. The structure of this course builds on Social connection, Openness to enjoyment, Meaning and purpose and Action, all enabled through a mindful approach.

The young people are able to reflect and discuss issues such as what ‘stresses them out’ and what ‘makes them happy’, as well as what qualities and habits they would like to build on, also we explore character strengths and they learn to identify their own,  and how they enable us to accomplish and create what we want in life. The sessions are experiential with activities, games, videos and group discussion.

Check out some of the benefits of combining mindfulness and discipline in schools in this video