Wansdyke Primary School, Bristol (2019)

"We loved having Ellie at our School Coffee Morning. She was sensitive and flexible to the needs of our parents. Parents have commented on how good it was that little ones were able to come and some have told me they have tried out some of the tools with their children already."



St. Nicholas Pre-school, Bristol (2019)

“Ellie was very good with catching the attention of the children. A very relaxing session. The activities were great for pre-school age and the children enjoyed it”

From young people

"The breathing practices are really easy to pick up and easy to do anywhere"

"It has given me time to chill and relax, and makes me realise that it's not about clearing thoughts, it's about observing them"

"When you mentioned about the sea and how it is at the bottom, it is calm, and that can be like your mind"

“When I’m upset, angry or need some alone time, I can go and practice it to calm me down”

“I enjoyed the mindful movements and chocolate eating!”

“I can recognise difficult emotions and can use my breath as an anchor when I have difficult problems and emotions”

“It has made me more aware of my emotions, and I can understand when I’m being controlled by them”

“I can become more productive and lead a happier life when I can co-exist well with my emotions”

“You can observe your emotions without being swept away by them”

“I have enjoyed the meditations and feeling relaxed after them”

“I have more of an understanding of what mindfulness is because I know how to anchor myself to my breathing and knowing what I’m feeling”

Off the Record, Youth mental health charity, Bristol

Ellie's mindfulness course was quickly filled and the young people who attended this experiential course gained great tools that they are taking forward in to their lives. We've asked Ellie to do a repeat course; her friendly and calm approach, as well as her passion and commitment to the benefits of mindfulness were so important for us."

Family mindfulness sessions (2018-present)

Although we initially embarked on the course to help our son with his ADHD, we felt that the whole family benefited from the sessions. The recordings were a great way of helping us to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives and develop a method for regular practice.”

This course was great. We learnt so much about how to focus our thoughts and be in the moment. Our son changed as the course progressed and we're convinced it has helped him to be calmer.”

'The style of teaching was very relaxed and gentle, Ellie went with my son's personality'