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Kindfulmind has trained with Youth Mindfulness in their kids teacher training programme as well as their teens programme. Kindfulmind is also trained to deliver yoga sessions to children. We can adapt a bespoke programme to your needs and requirements, please visit our contact page for more information

Youth mindfulness kids programme


This 8 week program can be taught as 16 individual lessons twice a week or a longer session once a week for 8 weeks, for Primary KS2, ages 7 upwards. There are 8 main stages covered by the training course – Intention, Attention, Attitude, Gratitude, Resilience, Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others and Purpose. This is an experiential course; students will watch video’s, try out different exercises and games, and begin to create mindful awareness through their own mindfulness practices.

The Youth Mindfulness SOMA Programme (Teens)


This program is ideally suited to smaller groups of from 4-15 max. These sessions are aimed at 12 years plus, and are individually tailored to the young people, working with their views and values. Before the programme starts, each young person is met for a 1-2-1 session, and the group are also given a taster session. The structure of this course builds on Social connection, Openness to enjoyment, Meaning and purpose and Action, all enabled through a mindful approach.

The young people are able to reflect and discuss issues such as what ‘stresses them out’ and what ‘makes them happy’, as well as what qualities and habits they would like to build on, also we explore character strengths and they learn to identify their own, and how they enable us to accomplish and create what we want in life. The sessions are experiential with activities, games, videos and group discussion. The group dynamic is based on trust which is established very early on in the sessions to create a feeling of safety, through positive social connection.

Bespoke workshops

We can deliver workshops to whole class groups or smaller groups around the subjects of ‘kindness’ ‘gratitude’ and ‘self-love/self-kindness’

Reviews from Young people

"The breathing practices are really easy to pick up and easy to do anywhere"

"It has given me time to chill and relax, and makes me realise that it's not about clearing thoughts, it's about observing them"

"When you mentioned about the sea and how it is at the bottom, it is calm, and that can be like your mind"

"Mindfulness has made me more aware of my emotions and I can understand when I’m being controlled by them”