Kindfulmind offers a range of packages for Secondary schools. Please contact us to discuss bespoke content for specific needs.

primary programmes

The Youth Mindfulness 8 week Programme

The Youth Mindfulness 8 week Programme can be taught as 16 individual lessons twice a week for 8 weeks, or one longer session once a week. There are 8 main stages covered by the training course – Intention, Attention, Attitude, Gratitude, Resilience, Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others and Purpose.

This is an experiential course; students will watch video’s, try out different exercises and games, and begin to create mindful awareness through their own mindfulness practices.

The cost of an 8 week course is £580 for a full class

(2 x 45 min lessons a week or one 90 min session per week)

The Youth Mindfulness SOMA Programme

This program is ideally suited to smaller groups of from 4-15 max

These sessions are aimed at 12 years plus, and are individually tailored to the young people, working with their views and values

The Youth Mindfulness SOMA Programme

Before the programme starts, each young person is met for a 1-2-1 session, and the group are also given a taster session.

The structure of this course builds on Social connection, Openness to enjoyment, Meaning and purpose and Action, all enabled through a mindful approach.

The young people are able to reflect and discuss issues such as what ‘stresses them out’ and what ‘makes them happy’, as well as what qualities and habits they would like to build on, also we explore character strengths and they learn to identify their own,  and how they enable us to accomplish and create what we want in life. The sessions are experiential with activities, games, videos and group discussion.

These courses would suit those with additional needs such as ADHD, also students in pupil referral units or those identified as needing additional intervention.

mindfulness tree

Secondary school workshops

Teaching young people mindful patterns of thought and action.

All workshops are £80 for 90 minutes


Me & My Phone Workshop’

For age 12+

  • Learn statistics related to the use of young people and their phones
  • How phones, games & apps are designed to be addictive
  • The effects of phone use on mental health
  • How phone use can become an addiction
  • What is mindfulness
  • How can mindful awareness help?
  • Tools & techniques to practice

An introduction to Mindfulness & EFT Tapping for Anxiety & Exam Stress

  • Discussion into ‘what stresses you out’
  • Look at what causes anxiety, and why it makes us feel the way we do
  • Intro to mindfulness and how this can be beneficial
  • Useful mindful breathing practices                
  • What is EFT (tapping) and how can it help            
  • Self massage & face yoga techniques
  • Importance of sleep routine
  • Review and write intentions

Read more about EFT