Meditation instead of detention

This school is practicing meditation instead of detention, and the results are already changing students' lives.

Self esteem and Self compassion

This video explains the differences between self esteem and self compassion. Self esteem can be judged on a sliding scale, meaning it can go up and down, depending on our successes and failures, however; by applying self compassion to our lives, we can really start to take care of our minds and stop being such harsh critics to ourselves.

A quick video introduction to the science of mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient technique that trains the brain with the power of concentration.

What is Mindfulness.... And What Does It Mean to You?

The video offers a basic understanding of mindfulness but it also aims to evoke your memory of experiencing what it feels like to be mindful. Most of us have already experienced being mindful before. We've entered it spontaneously, maybe many times in our lives, but with a bit of training it's possible to be mindul at any time we choose- even to make it a way of living our lives. That is a truly wonderful way to live!

Stepping Stones 2013

Residential Project Support

A lovely video highlighting a residental project Ellie supported. The focus was around the transition from primary to seconday school, with children from Hartcliffe and surrounding areas involved with Hartcliffe & Withywood Kick Start (HAWKS). A great opportunity for them to meet new friends, spend a few days away in nature, and try out different activities!

Youth voices

This simple video gives the perspective from young people who have practiced mindfulness and the benefits it has brought to their lives.

How to be OK with dark thoughts

We learn through mindfulness that we don't need to get caught up in our thoughts or believe them, we can just start to observe them and kind of 'hang out' with them, without letting them take over.

What does resilience mean to young people

This video is great as it explains resilience in the words of young people by young people! Mindfulness meditation practice is proven to help develop emotional resilience and self regulation.

The Bell Test

Try this short exercise for training your attention to the sound of the bell!

Simple breathing techqnique

A very simple breathing technique which can be used for any age and ability. The simplicity of this means you can choose to use it anytime, or anywhere to help yourself to feel calmer, it can be great to use just before you go into an exam! Focusing on the actions as well as breathing can bring you into the present moment and take you away from worries or unhelpful thoughts.