Workplace well-being

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Workplace Wellbeing

A workplace wellbeing session can take place in your place of work (in the Bristol/Bath area) or via zoom. These sessions are designed with the wellbeing of your team in mind. Whether you are looking for just mindfulness, just face yoga or a combination of the two, we can work with your requirements. Sessions can be as little as 15 minutes up to an hour.

Benefits of mindfulness and face yoga for your staff include...

  • Calm and focus from mindfulness practices
  • Improved productivity - research shows that mindfulness at work can improve your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress
  • Relaxation and improved posture
  • Working on releasing tension held in the neck & shoulders (great for those who work at a desk)
  • Releasing tension in the face, particularly areas such as the jaw and between the eyebrows
  • Eye exercises to help relax and strengthen (helpful if screens are used a lot in the work)
  • Team bonding – these sessions can also be a lot of fun as we pull various faces, so can be a great fun alternative to other team sessions!

“[I] really loved the Face Yoga with Ellie, every session was different and each had a new and different feel that uplifted / refreshed / rejuvenated – all being good feel good factors."

"A really great way to start the day and just before the weekly team meeting- to enable approaching this with a positive mindset. The sessions fit in well to the working day – as don’t take up too much time, and works really well in virtual delivery (as you can turn your video off and pull as many faces as you like!)" - South Gloucestershire Council